TS Crew with SPF 30: Sunscreen protection for turf maintenance professionals.

TS Crew broad-spectrum, SPF 30, professional-grade sunscreen protects turf management professionals and golf course employees from the harmful effects of UVB and solar radiation. TS Crew is a greaseless, water-resistant and fragrance-free moisturizing sunscreen that meets FDA guidelines for broad-spectrum protection.

Your crew is your most valuable asset.
UVB rays and solar radiation are primary causes of skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. The World Health Organization and OSHA recognize sunlight as a human carcinogen. Use TS Crew as part of your regular safety program to shield your employees from the harmful effects of long exposure to the sun.

TS Crew

  • Protects workers from dangerous UVB and solar radiation
  • Provides affordable, long-lasting protection
  • Available in gallon containers for large crews
  • Meets new FDA guidelines