Prudent® Green improves turf quality by doubling the defense against stress. It’s a premixed foliar that combines the enhanced solar protection of Turf Screen with the nutrition of Prudent® 44, formulated with urea phosphite from Performance Nutrition®. This power duo works inside and outside grass plants, feeding, protecting and strengthening to help turf endure the stresses of heat and drought without wilting.

Inside, Prudent® 44 stimulates vital pathways in the plant and increases the integrity of cell walls to build strength and resistance to stress for consistent turf quality.

Outside, Turf Screen shields turf from UVB and solar radiation, which constrains photosynthesis and weakens turf. It combines the reflective powers of titanium oxide and zinc oxide, two natural FDA approved ingredients. Independently verified tests show that Turf Screen™ improves plant health and turf quality, reduces wilt and helps save water.

Prudent Green:

  • Builds tolerance to heat and drought
  • Protects UVB and solar radiation
  • Reduces wilt
  • Improves turf vigor and builds density
  • Can cut water use by up to 30%