Product compatibility

The following products below have been tank mixed successfully with Turf Screen. Always use a jar test or other tests to determine compatibility prior to mixing with Turf Screen.

Chlorothalonil, Aluminum Tris, Fosetyl-AI, Iprodione, Vinclazalin, Boscalid, polyoxin D salt,
Propaconazole, Triadimefon, Trifloxystrobin, Tebuconazole, Azoxystrobin, Pyrac/ostrobin,
Thiophanate methyl, Mefenoxan, Propamocarb, Phosphonates.

Imidacloprid, Lambda-cyhalothrin, Bifenthrin, indoxacarb

Growth Regulators:
Trinexepac-ethyl, Paclobutrazol, Mefluidide, Ethephon