Holiday kudos…

Another note of kudos from over the holiday: Scott – It is sooooo cool that you had a great year.  Superintendents are so innovative and you are proof of that!! Matt Shaffer, Merion Golf Club

Turf Screen is “the future!”

This type of note makes all the hard work worth while! “Turf Screen is the future.  We had the best summer on our bent grass.  We continue to use it through our winter spray program with the covers being on the greens.  I will have it in the tank every spray in the future. Thanks for  Continue Reading →

Turf Screen controls algae too!

“Having managed turf grass from Dallas, Texas all the way to the east coast I would have to say this was one of the most difficult summers we have endured. The rains started early in June and it seemed like each time we were able to dry the greens back out another monster rain would  Continue Reading →

Turf Screen reduces canopy temps in North Carolina

This mid-July wave has been the perfect test of the benefits of Turf Screen!  Here’s another testimonial, this time from North Carolina: Scott – I am located in Wilmington, NC at Eagle Point Golf Club. We have made three apps of Turf Screen to our A-4 greens. The results are amazing. Yesterday our air temperatures  Continue Reading →