Independent Research Reports

Research proves that UVB and solar radiation are harmful to turfgrass. Turf Screen™ protects your turf from damage, saving you water and labor costs, and improving turf quality.

Impact of Turf Screen on Drought Tolerance & Recovery of Turf

The latest Turf Screen research, conducted by Professional Turfgrass Solutions LLC (West Jordan, UT) provides further verification of what superintendents from all over the country have been finding, namely, that Turf Screen significantly increases overall turf quality during summer stress conditions. The research was done from June 21 to September 28, 2013 in one of  Continue Reading →

2011/2012 Turf Screen Winter Independent Evaluation

Impact of Turf Screen on Winter Time Canopy Temperature, Color, Quality and Early Spring Dollar Spot Turfgrass Disease Solutions, LLC Steven McDonald, M.S. and Rick Grala Methods: This trial was conducted on a practice green at Gilbertsville Golf Club located in Gilbertsville, PA. Plots were 25 square feet and treatments were replicated four times in  Continue Reading →

2010 Turf Screen Turf Quality, Etc.

Use of Turf Screen and Fungicide Tank-mixtures for Turfgrass Quality and Dollar Spot Control, 2010 Turfgrass Disease Solutions, LLC Steven McDonald, M.S. and Rick Grala Methods: The purpose of the trial was to further evaluate Turf Screen with and with two commonly used fungicides (Banner MAXX and Daconil Ultrex) for dollar spot suppression and control,  Continue Reading →

Ohio State 2012 Turf Screen Trial and Data

We are pleased to share with you results of Ohio State Universities Turf Screen test results and data conducted this summer in Columbus, OH . ¬† Below are the specific testing objectives: 1) Investigate potential for reducing irrigation; 2) investigate the potential for reducing fungicide rates; and 3) ¬†investigate the impact on turfgrass quality and  Continue Reading →