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“Turf Screen Works!”


I have been working at Lookout Point Golf Club for 38 years; the last 26 as the Superintendent.  LPGC is located in the Niagara peninsula of Ontario and traditionally the summers are extremely difficult with a wide range and varying levels of extreme heat and humidity.  The turf variety is roughly averages 70% poa and 30% bentgrass.   Our push-up style greens are very small; our average size is 3,000 square feet and during most summers we will pump out over 40,000 rounds of golf over our small greens. Obviously with this amount of play, wear and tear is a major issue during the summer months.

“Turf Screen clearly helped improve our overall turf quality and density…

And reduced our overall water usage, syringing and hand watering…

In 2012 I applied Turf Screen on 7 – 10 day intervals, starting in the spring right through until we applied our snow mold protection in the late fall.  Turf Screen clearly helped improve our overall turf quality and density. This summer I noticed lower canopy and soil temps throughout the summer months and more consistent moisture levels in the profile.  I feel strongly that Turf Screen reduced our overall water usage and particularly our syringing and hand watering needs.  Another noticeable benefit was that our disease presence appeared less even through one of the more difficult seasons in many to control disease.  I will continue to use Turf Screen in the future throughout the golf season.

As you can see from the attached picture, Turf Screen works!

“Turf Screen Works!”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Aldo Bortolon, GCS