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Turf Screen Dormant

Announcing the most affordable, versatile and long-lasting green pigment available for turf professionals:

Formulated with Advanced Pigment Technology, Turf Screen Dormant contains the precise blend of ingredients engineered to provide improved turf quality appearance to dormant and semi-dormant turf during the long winter months.

Turf Screen Dormant is a unique blend of green pigment, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide designed to improve turf quality and provide exceptionally long-lasting color on semi-dormant and dormant turf grasses.

The versatility of Turf Screen Dormant is unmatched!  Apply it to delay the onset of dormant turf, increase canopy temperatures to combat ice accumulation, encourage an early spring green-up, increase the efficacy of winter fungicide applications or simply as a spray indicator.

However you utilize Turf Screen Dormant, you can be sure it was developed with your high expectations and bottom line in mind.

See the information sheet for full information.  Turf Screen Dormant is available NOW!