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Second year update from Scott Bordner

An update from Scott Bordner at RiverCrest Country Club in Phoenixville, PA:

“We had the opportunity to try Turf Screen in 2010 before the product was fully introduced to the market. I was excited about the results in a very tough summer, but skeptical at the same time as we tank mix products and I find it hard to decipher one product’s performance.

In 2011, we tested it by sending two sprayers for fungicide applications and splitting the fairways in half, only adding Turf Screen to one tank. Turf Screen consistently provided healthier turf May thru July and the plants recovery after small temperature changes and minimal rainfall was incredible.

I would recommend this product for anyone’s program for healthier playing surfaces, including traffic areas or those southern facing slopes that are always burning out.

Below is a picture that speaks for itself (7 days after application). Thank you for bringing this economical tool to our arsenal.”