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Trial at RiverCrest Golf Club

Scott Bordner explained his Turf Screen trial to his membership in his blog.

“As many of you probably noticed last Friday, half of the fairways on holes 1-10 are a shade different. I know I just had a picture up stating do not spray sunscreen on the turf, but this is different. It is an all natural sunscreen produced by Scott May, the Superintendent at Manufacturers Golf and Country Club in Fort Washington, PA. I am running a test on “Turf Screen” to determine its ability to help us control disease, use water more efficiently, increase plant health, and improve turf recovery in regards to traffic and divot repair.

Test results have shown UV rays have detrimental effects on the plants ability to photosynthesize which immediately affects the turfgrass health. This product will help by coating the fairways with a blend of sunscreen and a sticking agent which allows the material to adhere to the plant, even in periods of heavy rainfall. I plan to continue this trial through the entire season and believe it will be a valuable tool for us to use in the future. I will keep you updated with results as we continue the trial.”