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Ohio State 2012 Turf Screen Trial and Data

We are pleased to share with you results of Ohio State Universities Turf Screen test results and data conducted this summer in Columbus, OH .   Below are the specific testing objectives:

1) Investigate potential for reducing irrigation; 2) investigate the potential for reducing fungicide rates; and 3)  investigate the impact on turfgrass quality and health through the repeated use of Turf Screen while under created stressful conditions.  Also investigated were if the results could be reproduced on both fairways and greens height turf.

The results were conclusive and extremely positive to say the least; especially considering the historic and extreme weather conditions the summer of 2012 unleashed in their region.  June 20 through August 23 – the testing period – was one of the hottest two month periods ever recorded in the Columbus region.

Below are a few highlights from the testing results:

“Turf Screen treated turf quality and color rankings compared to the check for fairway height turfgrass were significantly higher  at all times during the trial period.”

” During the dry down period (first 14 days) turf quality of the control plots declined on a much more significant level  as compared to the Turf Screen treated plots.”

We are very excited to share this data with you and if you would like to view the actual report, please click on the link below.  And if you have any questions, please let us know.