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Coming Soon: 2012 Turf Screen Educational Series

In 2012 the Turf Screen blog will provide more educational information and independently verified studies designed to help you understand the scientific underpinnings of Turf Screen, and how Turf Screen can help you maintain healthier turf. The blog will also contain real world field experiences from superintendents around the country on their Turf Screen use, so please feel free to provide any feedback you may have with Turf Screen’s performance.


2012 Blog Topics and Issues


  • Solar Radiation Basics
  • UVB Facts
  • Infrared Radiation
  • Turf Physiological Responses to UV and IR
  • Ozone/UVB Relationship
  • Key Environmental Factors Producing Heat Stress in Turfgrass
  • Air, Soil, and Canopy Temperature Relationships
  • Sunlight and Photosynthesis
  • How TiO2 and ZnO Work Together to Protect Turf
  • Climate Change and Its Implications to the Golf Course Industry
  • Improving the Sustainability of Golf Course Maintenance
  • Field Experience with Turf Screen
  • Compendium of Tools for Combating Heat Stress Effects on Turfgrass
  • How Turf Screen Can Reduce Course Maintenance Costs
  • Pigments and Turf Screen – What are the Differences?