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Check Out TurfNet.com Forum for Turf Screen Info

There’s a great discussion taking place on TurfNet.com’s Forum that offers extensive information on pigments vs. Turf Screen and provides valuable insight on how Turf Screen works. Application rates, compatibility issues, and other practical tips are presented. This is one of the most popular discussions ever recorded in the Forum, with 67 replies and more than 2,700 views (and still growing). The Forum discussion includes input from superintendents across the country on their experience with using Turf Screen and other turf management products. In addition to real-world field data and advice on mixing, sprayers, etc. there are numerous testimonials, such as the following examples:

 “Turf Screen has helped a great deal in stress reduction/avoidance for us.”

 “TS definitely delays the onset of stress/wilt. I’m a believer in Turf Screen.”

 “My first impression of TS: I now want to spray it wall to wall!”

To review (and participate) in the discussion, log in to TurfNet.com and click on “The Forum” link in the upper right-hand corner, then click on “Turf Management Topics/Pigments.” You need to be a subscriber of TurfNet.com to access The Forum. I find TurfNet.com a great resource and well worth the membership fee. Membership information is available on the web site.