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Turf Screen on bunker faces

Just received this note from Jamie Kapes at the Woodway Club in Darien, CT:

“Scott, Woodway renovated all its bunkers in 2007.  The finished product was some pretty steep bluegrass bunker faces that were not covered with irrigation.  We struggled for two years to keep the integrity of these faces, but unfortunately were losing the battle under extreme conditions.

About a month back we sprayed three bunkers that have due south-facing faces with two trials of Turf Screen. The results have been very positive. This past week was really the first true test this year and the bunkers have never looked better.  The only difference in my program is the addition of Turf Screen. We haven’t changed our nutritional or cultural programs at all.

This past week was really the first true test this year and the bunkers have never looked better…”

While I tend to be very guarded with my assessment of a product (there are so many variables), this past week I’m pretty confident saying that the addition of Turf Screen to our bunker spray program has had a positive result. I’m seriously thinking about making it part of my monthly spray application on bunkers.  Just an FYI.”