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Best of Both Worlds: Turf Screen / TS Dormant Tank Mix

Unpredictable.  That may be the best word to describe winter weather patterns across the globe the past few years.  It could be mild and warm like the winter of 2011 or it may be cold and windy as it was in 2010.  This season it could be a little of both; no one really knows.  As superintendents contemplate what to prepare for, there is now the opportunity to prepare your greens for both possibilities:   a tank mixture of Turf Screen and Turf Screen Dormant.

A tank mix of Turf Screen and Turf Screen Dormant may be the best solution for superintendents to get both the benefits of a dark pigment (TS Dormant) and the additional plant protection (Turf Screen) they require during the winter months.  This inexpensive tank mixture will provide increased turf quality to both warm and cool season turf during the winter months.  The spray protocols differ slightly but the results are similar:  better turf quality coming out of winter.


Increased canopy and soil temperatures (TS Dormant)

Increased turf quality (Turf Screen and TS Dormant)

Increased wear tolerance (Turf Screen)

Decreased water usage (Turf Screen)

Increased algae control (Turf Screen)

Sticking Power (+ 110 days wtih Turf Screen)

Improved resistance to pathogens (Turf Screen)

Decreased turf stress (Turf Screen)


Warm Season Protocol:

Turf Screen:      1 oz/M every two – three weeks depending on weather conditions and turf growth

TS Dormant:      16 – 24 oz/A every two – three weeks depending on turf growth and desired color


Cool Season Protocol:

Turf Screen:      2 – 3 oz/M prior to snowfall.  Higher rate provides longer overall quality and increased plant protection

TS Dormant:      16 – 32 oz/A prior to snowfall.  Higher rate provides darker turf appearance and increased canopy temperatures

Snow Mold:        Used labeled fungicide to prevent snow mold


Contact scott@turfscreen.com with any questions.