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More Zinc. More Effective. Less Money

This summers’ record heat and rainfall have combined to make algae outbreaks a common occurance on putting greens throughout the U.S.  Presently, many superintendent’s use curative applications of zinc-containing products to fight algae. Their results are mixed – and expensive.

There is now a better alternative: Turf Screen and TS CLEAR with Lock-Zn technology contain significantly more zinc – for far less money.  In the past, a preventative approach to algae control has been cost prohibitive. Fortunately, Turf Screen and TS CLEAR deliver more zinc at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Quite simply, a preventative and effective algae program can be fully implemented into even the most modest preventative agronomic budgets. As the illustration below demonstrates: there is no comparison. Lock-Zn delivers significantly more zinc, for far better results and for far less money.

In addition to delvering excellent algae results, Lock-Zn also delivers unmatched sticking power. Rain or shine. Winter, spring, summer or fall Turf Screen and TS CLEAR deliver excpetional, versatile and affordable results. Try some this fall and winter and see how effective and affordable they are.