Application Recommendations

Turf Screen™ usage has been independently evaluated and proven to improve overall turf quality and health. Our evaluations and observations in detailed field trials over the past three seasons have enabled us to make recommendations for use on fine turf, ensuring your turf has proper UV protection and sustained turf quality throughout the season. These recommendations are simply guidelines, as there are numerous factors that will impact the length of interval between applications and the rate chosen to spray. A few of the factors include rate of turf growth, anticipated solar stress, adequate growth regulator usage, rainfall events, irrigation programs and mowing practices.

Turf Screen will generally adhere to turf for a minimum of 10-14 days, depending on the previously mentioned factors. It is recommended that turf be protected at all times throughout the growing season for complete seasonal protection against sun burn and solar stress. Our field trials strongly indicate that earlier and continuously protected trials outperformed trials that started later and received longer, less consistent application intervals.

Turf Screen should be applied as a contact product and allowed to dry on the turf for a minimum of three hours. Improved application coverage will improve overall protection to the turf. A minimum of 50 gallons of water per acre is recommended, although in our field trials there was improved coverage and performance of turf sprayed with higher application rates. Turf Screen is compatible with many registered fungicides and fertilizers and improves the duration contact products adhere to the turf.

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions:
First application of Turf Screen should be made when daytime temperatures reach 75 degrees F, or in the beginning of May to coincide with the angle of the sun which can lead to solar stress and sun burn. In order to ensure adequate solar protection and improved overall turf quality, we recommend applications continue every 10 to 14 days until the second week of October to coincide with the lower angle of the sun.

Always Read and Understand Label Prior to Usage